• TZ 30 C
    High quality, cold-shaped, ribbed steel sheet profile.
    Possibility of manufacturing as curved enclosure.
    Suitable for acoustic systems with various perforation options.

    Metal roof cladding for industrial, commercial and sports installations building.
    Support spans of up to 3 metres can be attained, depending on loads.

    Applicable quality and standards
    CeUNE-EN 10346 for galvanised coatings.
    UNE-EN 10169 for organic coatings.

    • Steel grade: S220GD or higher.
    • Maximum length:  14.9 m.
    • Rib height:  30 mm.
    • Useful width:  1,100 mm.
    • Standard coatings:  Galvanised Z275 / lacquered silicone polyester, 25 microns.
    • Special coatings:  HD, HDS, HDX, PVDF, PET.
    • Thicknesses:  0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm.

    Profile section and overlap details:  
    TZ 30 C 1
  • correasSupport structure
    Range of TZ steel purlins with edges up to 350 mm and 3 mm thick.

    rematesFinishing and complement elements
    Conventional, die-stamped or curved finishes and ventilation systems.

    iluminaciónNatural lighting
    Various types of skylights and translucent plaques on the roof or façade.

    coloresColour chart
    A wide range of colours and coatings.