TZ-60 F profile for composite deck

  • Forjado
    High quality, cold-shaped, ribbed steel sheet profile.
    Three thicknesses are available; the design of its indentations increases the adherence between the steel and the concrete and is ideal for composite slab execution.

    Composite floor slab: Floor slabs for industrial, residential and commercial building. Support spans of up to 5 m can be attained, depending on loads.
    Non-recoverable formwork: The TZ-60 F profile can also be employed as non-recoverable formwork in concrete frames, reducing the amount of required shoring because of its high strength.

    Applicable quality & standards
    Steel sheet to UNE-EN 10346 standard.

    • Steel grade: Structural steel S320GD
    • Galvanisation: Hot type Z275 galvanisation (275 g/m2)
    • Sheet thicknesses:  0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm
    • Fire resistance: The TZ-60 F composite slab has a fire resistance of R120 (120 minutes) through the use of additional armour (see the technical sheet)
    • Useful width / maximum lenght: 820 mm / 12.8 m
    • Design and calculation standards: EUROCODE 4, EHE-08 and CTE DB-SI

    Profile section and support detail: 
    forjado TZ60 F2
  • Complementary finish parts
    HUURRE has the required finishes and complements for the full execution of composite slabs with its TZ-60 F profile.
    The finishes are manufactured with the same type of steel as the TZ-60 F profile and with 1.0 mm thickness.
    HUURRE is able to manufacture any finish design in order to respond to the specific needs of each project.

    Lateral closing finish:forjado TZ60 F4
    Change of direction finish:forjado TZ60 F3