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 HI-CT panel / roof

  • Huurre panel aislante HI-CT
    Sandwich panel with metal faces and rigid, insulating core.
    With high-insulating power, its tongue-and-groove sealed joints guarantee full enclosure leak-tightness.
    PUR type insulating foam (polyurethane), PIR (polyisocyanurate) or the new PIRM CLASS1 can be used, with improved performance and excellent fire resistance.
    Available in various thicknesses, coatings and colours.

    Huurre HI-CT insulating panel jointApplications
    Insulating roofs for industrial, residential, commercial and sports facilities building.
    Depending on loads, it can support spans of up to 6 m.
    The 80mm thick panel has a thermal transmittance of only 0.26 W/m2K.

    Applicable quality and standards
    • CESteel plating: UNE-EN 10346 for galvanised coatings and UNE-EN 10169 for organic coatings. Panel: Manufactured according to UNE-EN 14509
    • NProduct certified with the N Quality assurance stamp of AENOR.
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), accrediting the panel's fire safety, without height limit and without the need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880).
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), accrediting resistance to severe hail impact and extreme wind loads. (App. Standard 4471).

  • Technical specifications:
    • Insulating core: Rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR/PIRM) | Rigid polyurethane foam (PUR)
    • Outer steel sheet: S220GD
    • Useful width / maximum length:   1,150 mm / 16 m (between 13.5 and 16 m with special transport)
    • Nominal density: 40 kg/m3
    • Declared thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mK
    • Nominal panel thicknesses:   30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 80 | 120  mm
    • Thermal transmittance (PIR and PIRM CLASS1) :  0.63 | 0.49 | 0.40 | 0.34 | 0.26 | 0.17 W/m2K
    • Standard coatings:  lacquered polyester, 25 microns
    • Special coatings:  PET,  Granite HDX, PVDF, FARM

    Fire resistance:
    • HI-PIRM CT CLASS 1: Euroclass B,s1,d0 + "FM Approved", no height limit and no need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880) +B Roof
    • HI-PIR CT: Euroclass B,s1,d0 + B Roof (roof fire)
    • HI-PUR CT: Euroclass B,s2,d0 + B Roof (roof fire)
  • correasSupport structure
    Range of industrial purlins, with edges of up to 350 mm and 3 mm thick.

    RematesFinishings and accessories
    Finishings, nuts and bolts, sealing gaskets, etc.

    IluminaciĆ³nNatural lighting
    Various types of skylights and translucent plaques on the roof or faƧade.

    coloresColour chart
    A wide range of colours and coatings.

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