• Huurre panel frigorífico HI-F
    Cold storage panel with metal faces and rigid, insulating core, with exceptional thermal insulation, high durability and tongue and groove joints to guarantee airtightness. PIR type insulating foam (polyisocyanurate) or the new PIRM CLASS1 can be used, with improved performance and excellent fire resistance.

    Finish options available
    Available in ribbed surfaces (with a reduced, symmetrical rib height on both surfaces), flat surface or plank.

    Applications that require a high degree of insulation: food and agricultural industry, cold stores, laboratories, etc.
    The panel is certified to be used both inside and outside.
    Depending on the set up, it can support spans of up to 11 m and loads of up to 200 kg/m2.
    Thanks to its high rigidity and strength, the panel is certified for use in high seismic risk areas.
    The panel is available with a wide range of coatings, to guarantee its maximum durability even in the most aggressive environments.

    Applicable quality and standards
    • CESteel sheet: UNE-EN 10346 for galvanised coatings and UNE-EN 10169 for organic coatings. Panel:Manufactured according to UNE-EN 14509.
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), accrediting the panel's fire safety, without height limit and without the need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880).
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), for use outside, without any height limit, for areas with H type winds (risk of hurricanes) and class S strong hail impact strength. (App. Standard 4881).
    • N
      Product certified with the “N” quality assurance stamp of AENOR.
    • DTADocument Technique d'Application CSTB - HI-F 2/16-1770.

  • Technical specifications:
    • Insulating core: Rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR or PIRM CLASS1)
    • Outer steel sheet: S220GD
    • Useful width: 1,150 mm | 1,120 mm
    • Maximum production length: 18 m. (Between 13.5 and 18 m, special transport is necessary).
    • Nominal density: PIR: 40 (±5) kg/m3 | PIRM: 40 (-2/+5) kg/m3
    • Declared thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mK.
    • Nominal panel thicknesses:   60 | 80 | 100 | 125 | 150 | 175 | 200 | 230 mm.
    • Thermal transmittance (PIR/PIRM):   0.38 | 0.27 | 0.22 | 0.17 | 0.14 | 0.12 | 0.11 | 0.09 W/m2K.
    • Standard coatings:  Lacquered polyester, 25 microns.
    • Special coatings:  PET,  Granite HDX, PVDF, Inox 304 2B.

    Fire resistance:
    • HI-PRIM F CLASS 1: Euroclass B-s1,d0 + "FM Approved", no height limit and no need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880)
    • HI-PIR F: Euroclass B-s1,d0

    Mechanical strength:
    • Certified "FM Approved" for use outside, without any height limit, for areas with H type winds (risk of hurricanes) and class S hail impact strength (severe impact). (Approval Standard 4881)
    • Certified by CSTB, through lab assay campaign, for use in high seismic risk areas.
    • Mechanical properties certified with the N mark from AENOR and determined through campaigns of in-lab tests according to standard EN 14509.
  • Huurre panel frigorífico HI-F
    Types of joints
    The HI-F panel is available with two types of joints, both with high rigidity, double tongue and groove which guarantees the best tightness with simple and fast assembly.

    The FS joint requires additional silicon sealing, on the outside, during assembly.

    The new FJ joint is certified by APPLUS, through laboratory assays, without the need for additional silicon sealing, with "Class A" water permeability at 1200 Pa and 0.013 m3/h.m2 air permeability at 50 Pa.
    However, when required by the pressure and hygrometry conditions of the premises, an additional sealing can be provided during assembly, that remains hidden inside the FJ joint.