• Huurre panel frigorífico HI-F
    Product and applications
    Cold-storage sandwich panel, with metal faces and rigid insulation core, for applications that require a high degree of insulation: food and agricultural industry, cold stores, laboratories, etc.
    The range of HI-F panels is available with two insulating cores: PIR (HI-PIR F) and PIRM (HI-PIRM F).
    Available in various steel thicknesses, with coatings suitable for contact with foodstuffs, and three finishing possibilities: standard lined profile, flat and plank.

    • Great thermal insulation, resulting in a thermal transmittance of just 0.09 W/m2K (thickness of 230mm), accredited and certified.
    • Fire safety certified “FM Approved” by FM GLOBAL, without the need for sprinklers and without height limit (HI-PIRM F panel).
    • High mechanical strength performance, suitable for outside use in earthquake zones, with hurricane risk or severe hail impact.
    • Three available finishes (standard, flat and plank), with a wide range of coatings (PET, polyester and HDX etc) to ensure a high durability.
    • Does not absorb water and maintains its performance throughout its lifetime and is not affected by biological agents.
    • High joint leak-tightness, accredited by tests.

    Applicable quality and standards
    See Technical Data Sheet.

  • Technical specifications:
    • Insulating core: Rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR or PIRM), continuous injection by a process that does not release HCFCs.
    • Useful width: 1,150 mm | 1,120 mm
    • Maximum production length: Standard 2,0 to 13,5 m / Special 13,5 to 16,0 m (between 13.5 and 16 m, special transport is necessary)
    • Nominal density: PIR: 40 (±5) kg/m3 | PIRM: 40 (-2/+5) kg/m3
    • Nominal insulating core thicknesses:   60 | 80 | 100 | 125 | 150 | 175 | 200 | 230 mm.

    Fire resistance:
    • See Technical Data Sheet