Applications & specifications

Facade and roof die-stamped flashings for industrial, residential, commercial and sports facilities building.

The die-stamped flashings include perforations according to the TZ profile for enclosures or insulating panels to which they are coupled. The die-stamped flashings can be produced for the sheetings indicated below and, the profile length may vary depending on each profile.

  • Profile TZ-30 ROOF or FACADE / Lenght 3,500 mm (useful 3,300 mm)
  • Profile TZ-32 ROOF / Lenght 3,350 mm (useful 3,150 mm)
  • Profile TZ-40 ROOF / Lenght 3,200 mm (useful 3,000 mm)
  • Profile TZ-C / Lenght 3,650 mm (useful 3,450 mm)
  • Profile TZ-XT / Lenght 3,200 mm (useful 3,000 mm)

Some examples

Remates t1Remates t2Remates t3