HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP: the new range of insulating panels

Huurre has launched its new line of HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP panels, which incorporated the new QuadCore insulating core.

QuadCore AWPQuadCore AWP is manufactured with three possible finishes, (smooth, semi-smooth, or micro-profiled), three joint reveal options, and various sheet metal coating options; the panel incorporates a machined joint that conceals the panel’s attachment, with a compressible joint to improve its tightness.

High thermal efficiency: The Quadcore microcell insulation core has very high thermal performance, with a lambda thermal conductivity of only 0.019 W/mK (considering aged core).

High fire protection: QuadCore core panels have high fire performance and offer high fire safety.

High environmental sustainability: Using HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP panels reduces energy losses from enclosures and emissions to the environment.

High durability: By not absorbing moisture, the functional performance of the QuadCore core does not diminish over time, offering its high durability.

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Marcações: Sostenibilidad, Eficiencia Térmica, Seguridad ante incendio, Innovación